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What is the IGCSE?

The General Courses are offered for the following levels:

Pre-Junior for ages 2nd Year Elementary
Junior /Beginner 3rd Year Elementary
Preliminary 4th Year Elementary
Primary 5th Year Elementary
Elementary 6th Year Elementary
Pre-Intermediate 1st Year Gymnasium
Pre First Certificate 2nd Year Gymnasium
First Certificate 3rd Year Lyceum
Pre-IGCSE 1st Year Lyceum
Anglia Proficiency
IGCSE 2nd Year Lyceum
BUSINESS ENGLISH  3rd Year  Lyceum

Pupils are offered the opportunity to jump a level provided that their performance and language level meets the standards of the Institute.

All students are entered for examinations beginning from the Junior level where they are entered for the Trinity Oral examination.

Levels Preliminary to First Certificate are entered for the Anglia Examinations.

The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an advanced level examination and the examining bodies are either Cambridge or London. Preparation for the exam is two years but if Director feels that the performance and language level of a student is exceptional, he /she may be offered the opportunity sit for the IGCSE examination in the first year.

For more information on the IGCSE examination click here.