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The Owner

The owner of The Study Centre English Language Institute is Anthi Kyriacou. Ms Kyriacou studied English Literature, Language, Education and Drama and began her long and distinguished career in education in the UK in 1976 where she taught English and Drama in secondary schools and and specialized in teaching children of multi-ethnic origin.

She returned to Cyprus in 1985 and since then she has had a long and varied teaching experience where she taught in many English speaking schools and was responsible for the IGCSE and drama departments. The Study Centre English Language Institute was founded in 1990. Anthi also studied journalism and she worked for the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as a newsreader. Ms Kyriacou is a practitioner in Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and a confidence building coach for young pupils.

Ms Kyriacou’s philosophy is to nurture each individual learner to achieve his best possible potential. Learning a language should be an enjoyable and memorable experience and the philosophy of The Study Centre is to motivate young learners to achieve high academic standards through stimulating and enjoyable material and activities.


Ms Kyriacou is the author of a children’s book, “Petros in London” and the co-author of “Study and Succeed” (an IGCE coursebook), and “Reaching Out” (a coursebook for advanced level students).

The book “Reaching Out” has been approved by the Ministry of Education in Cyprus and is used by some State Institutes as a course book for the IGCSE Examination. She has also written a book on Study Skills and has published various articles some of which can be viewed on this site.